Love Stories


A man called because he needed some help with rent. He was experiencing some temporary problems and just needed a little help over this rough patch. Love INC was able to connect his need with two of our caring churches, Friendship United Methodist and St. Michael's Catholic Church, and they were able to help with $100. A few months later, he came in and visited us at the Love INC Resource Center. He donated $100 to Love INC. He said he wanted this money to help another person. He became financially stable and last year was volunteering at St. Michael's Catholic Church.

The community asked Love INC and several other organizations if they could help with the TEFAP and CSFP  (USDA Commodities)  food distribution. (TEFAP stands for The Emergency Food Assistance Program; CSFP stands for Commodity Supplemental Food Program and is a program of the USDA. This agency is an equal opportunity provider and employer).
This was a service that Social Services had previously done, but were unable to continue for several reasons. Love INC discussed it and stepped up to commit to this community service. 900 allotments of food were distributed to 1,748 individuals in Moffat County. A volunteer began transporting these commodities to families in Dinosaur.  

TEFAP and CSFP  (USDA Commodities) is an equal opportunity provider.

A single mother of two preschoolers needed help after fleeing from an abusive husband. He was also charged with domestic violence against one of the children. She came to our area to stay with her former step-father-in-law while waiting for an apartment to open for her. The churches rallied to help. Craig Seventh Day Adventist Church provided some much-needed household items, The Journey at First Baptist helped with a gas deposit, Calvary Baptist church stocked her food pantry, and First Congregational United Church of Christ delivered needed cleaning supplies and personal items. Local agencies paid for her electric deposit and Love INC used El Pomar grant money to pay a rent deposit for her. The Journey was assigned to visit this family and welcome her into the community.

God was really amazing at Christmas. An agency called us just a few days before Christmas to see if we could help out a family who were in such a financial crunch that the children would have no gifts under the tree this year. All of the normal avenues of help were closed to them as it was so near Christmas. The staff at Love INC looked through the left-over donations to see what might work, and found a few things, but not enough. While wondering what to do, the door bell rang and on the door step was an "angel". A donor came in with several wrapped gifts, and of course, since God is perfectly aware of all of our needs, the gifts were age appropriate and matched the family exactly.

A single father and his daughter were living in their car. Dad started a job and had located an apartment but they were needing help for a week or so until the manager had it ready. We referred them to Columbine Apartments (HUD low-income housing). An apartment was available as soon as they passed their background check but the family would need help with rent, gas and electric deposits because the dad wouldn't have a paycheck for two or three weeks.
Love INC mobilized Calvary Baptist Church to provide emergency food and assistance with deposits. Salvation Army helped with an electric deposit. The Seventh-Day Adventist Church helped the family with household items for their new apartment and with furniture from the Love INC furniture ministry. First Congregational, United Church of Christ provided personal needs and cleaning items. Calvary Baptist provided additional food to stock the pantry shelves of their new apartment. His daughter started school and Love INC provided a new backpack with school supplies from the Project School Supplies Program and funds were donated by a CNCC employee to the Clothes for Kids Program which allowed a volunteer from Craig Christian Church to take the daughter shopping for some new school clothes.
Love INC partner churches working with existing community agencies, reached out to this family and helped them to settle in and feel welcomed into our community. They were given unconditional love, in the name of Christ.

One of our local senior citizens needed help with a pair of glasses. When she broke her glasses, her low fixed-income level combined with the high cost of glasses resulted in her borrowing a pair from a friend (which didn't work out too well). Calvary Baptist Church, Northwest Colorado Options (Senior Equipment Services), the Community Budget Center and the Salvation Army combined resources to provide the needed eyeglasses for this wonderful lady.

A young couple with three very small children needed help with housing and some life skills. Neither adult had a job and they were searching for a place to stay until work was found. Love INC was able to house them for 34 nights in the Emergency Housing Program to give the father a chance to locate steady employment. During that time, Calvary Baptist Church supplied food until the family's food stamps started. First Congregational, United Church of Christ provided personal needs and cleaning supplies. St. Mark's Episcopal Church and the Lutheran Church of Grace volunteers provided diapers and wipes. Craig Christian Church mentored the family and transported them around to various agencies and to Celebrate Recovery. They also supplied gasoline when the family was able to borrow a car and even provided the money needed to do laundry. Both adults located jobs and a new apartment to move into. Agencies helped with rent deposits and Love INC used a special El Pomar grant to provide money for an electric deposit. Craig Seventh Day Adventist church supplied household items and The Journey at First Baptist and Calvary Baptist Church helped with some needed furniture. The young family joined a local church. Our partner churches were able to reach out to this family, and during a very difficult time, provide desperately needed assistance.